Persian Pearl tulip Jefferson County Courage Garden

Tulips are classified into 15 groups  Persian Pearl tulip is a species tulip, Miscellaneous group, humilis species.  Each bulb of the Miscellaneous group has 2-5  linear, channeled, gray-green leaves to 6 inches long.  The dark magenta colored flowers are star shaped wide with a bright yellow center.  This bulb will naturalize (spread).

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Spellbinder daffodil Jefferson County Courage Garden

Daffodils are split into 13 divisions.  Spellbinder is in Division 1, Trumpet daffodils and flowers early to mid-spring.  The cup (corona) is described as a trumpet and is as long or longer than the petals (perianth) segments.   The flowers are greenish yellow and the trumpet gradually fades to white with whitish green at the mouth.

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